Monday, April 4, 2011

The Things You Gave Me ( Thank You )

There were times in this world when I felt lost, unwanted and useless.

Those were the times when I felt that the whole world was against me and that nobody cared.

Then you came into my life and became my friend.

You showed me that I was not a bad person.

You believed in me when nobody else would.

You believed in me when I lost belief in myself.

You gave me the strength, love, hope & desire to be a living person.

I thank you for that.

When I felt down, you pulled me back up.

When I felt lost, you showed me the way back.

And when I felt useless you showed me that my life was worth living.

Your shoulder was always there for me to cry on and your hand was always there to guide me.

My life was shattered when you came into my life and you put it back together Whole.

When I had ceased to believe in love you showed me my heart and you gave me your love.

Because of you I am a whole new person.

Thank you My life now has a meaning and a purpose.

It is hurt free.

Your loving strength and hope mended me and put love into my heart.

Your kind words of wisdom and helping hand has taught me the true meaning of hope, love, and kindness.

Your dedication helped show me the world as beautiful, loving and caring.

My life’s changed because of you.

I am grateful for everyday that I am living because each day becomes more and more beautiful to be living in.

I have belief in myself.

I have belief in this world.

And I have belief that anything is possible and that nothing is too big or too small to handle.

This world is a better place because you stood up and showed me that life is too precious to waste and that only we can change who we are, no one else.

This is my life and I’m going to live it positively.

Once again: Thank you for your strength, dedication and belief in me.

You are a true and loving friend.

Keep shining your light on others as you did for me and just be your unique self.


~ Azreel Azhar ~